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Brief Introduction of StrExp Network / 对 StrExp Network 的简短介绍

Strategic Explorations Network

Strategic Explorations Network (referred to as StrExp Network) is a global network service provider formed by the merger of Strategic Explorations and Niantic Network in June 2020. The new StrExp Network inherits the entire infrastructure of the previous two networks and is dedicated to building backbone network services that span multiple distributed networks.

As of now, StrExp Network has dozens of direct peer-to-peer interconnections and provides traffic-bearing networks, as well as access to distributed networks such as DN42 and NeoNetwork, and has 12 PoPs around the world.

In addition to providing excellent stability and availability through advanced warning mechanisms, StrExp Network also actively uses experimental routing software and algorithms, and actively promotes the healthy development of various distributed networks.

Strategic Explorations Network(简称 StrExp Network),是在 2020 年 6 月由 Strategic Explorations 与 Niantic Network 合并而成的全球网络服务提供者。新的 Strategic Explorations Network 继承了先前两家网络的全部基础设施,致力于建设跨越多个分布式网络的骨干网服务。

截至目前,Strategic Explorations Network 已经拥有数十个直接对等互联,并为之提供流量承载的网络,同时也接入了例如 DN42 和 NeoNetwork 等分布式网络,并在全球各地拥有 12 个 PoP。

在通过先进的预警机制提供优秀的稳定性和可用性以外,Strategic Explorations Network 还积极采用实验性的路由软件和算法,并主动推动各个分布式网络的健康发展。

Main ASN / 主要 ASN

207268 Strategic Explorations (Internet) 4242421331 Niantic Network Backbone (DN42, Backbone / 骨干网) 4242421332 Niantic Network China (DN42, For China / 中国特有)

Main Domain Names / 主要域名

strexp.net (Network Services / 网络服务) strategicexplorations.tech (Business Services / 商业服务) nia.ac.cn (Research Purposes / 科研用途)

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