Network Info Service / 网络信息服务

Our Network Info service in DN42 / 我们在 DN42 中的网络信息服务

Introduction / 简介

As part of the Niantic Network research plan, StrExp provides accurate and relatively real-time network information services for the DN42 network. It is open to the public network and DN42 network.

作为 Niantic Network 网络研究计划的一部分,StrExp 为 DN42 网络提供了准确、较为实时的网络信息服务,它对公网和 DN42 网络开放访问。

Address / 地址

Map / 地图

The network map shows the Peering relationship between different ASNs. Its data upstream is map.dn42, and the data upstream of map.dn42 is the GRC service provided by burble.dn42, so some peering may not be completely displayed.

The refresh period of the map depends on the local crawl time and the refresh time of map.dn42. In the slowest case, there will be a delay of at most 30 minutes.

When click on an ASN, its detailed information will be displayed on the right side of the screen. At the same time, the minimum reachable hops of all ASNs will be used as the basis for coloring the map.

The map does not currently support mobile devices. (Now supported)

网络地图显示不同ASN之间的Peering关系,它的数据上游是 map.dn42,而 map.dn42 的数据上游是 burble.dn42 提供的 GRC 服务,因此部分 Peering 可能显示并不完全。

地图的刷新周期取决于本地抓取时间和 map.dn42 的刷新时间,最慢情况下至多会有30分钟的延迟。

点击某个 ASN 时,它的详细信息将显示在屏幕右侧,同时,所有的 ASN 的最小可达跳数将被作为给地图染色的依据。


ISP List / ISP 列表

All ISPs will be displayed on the list at different levels. In order to encourage decentralization and diversification of the network, centrality is used to calculate the ISP level.

Please note that malicious competition has no benefit to the network, and ASN that seriously disrupts the network information system will be permanently excluded from the calculation range by the system.

所有的 ISP 将会以不同的等级被显示在列表上。为了鼓励网络的去中心化和多元化,中心度被用以计算 ISP 的等级。

请注意,恶意竞争这项指标对网络没有任何益处,严重扰乱网络信息系统的 ASN 将被系统永久排除在计算范围内。

ROA Alert List / ROA 警告列表

In order to respond to potential threats and misoperations, Niantic Network's threat response plan includes a ROA detection and alarm mechanism. All alerts will be refreshed in near real time and displayed on this page. The refresh rate of this page is about 15 minutes.

为了应对潜在的威胁和误操作,Niantic Network 的威胁应对计划包括了一个 ROA 检测和报警机制,所有的警报都会接近实时地刷新并显示在该页面,该页面的刷新频率约为 15 分钟。

Route Map / 路由地图

Similar to the route map provided by, this function provides a route map for querying any ASN to reach each Tier 1 ISP/ASN, so that relevant personnel can plan the route.

与 提供的路由地图相似,该功能提供了一个查询任意 ASN 抵达每个 Tier 1 ISP / 某个 ASN 的路径地图,以便相关人员规划路由。

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