Peering / 对等互联

How to peer with StrExp. / 怎样与 StrExp Peer

Step 1 / 第一步

Go to the official Peer Finder site of DN42 and enter the public IP address of the server that you want to peer.

Then the system will automatically match the appropriate peer nodes. (Please select the entry name as Ox7f and the server name as <region>.<country>.<type>)

(Note that none of the servers under the Strategic Explorations Network have public IPv6 addresses.)

到 DN42 的官方 Peer Finder 站点,输入您需要进行 peer 的服务器公网 IP。

然后系统将会自动匹配出合适的 Peer 节点。(请选择条目名称为 Ox7f,服务器名称为<地区/机房>.<国家>.<网络类型>

(注意,Strategic Explorations Network 下属的服务器均没有公网 IPv6 地址。)

Step 2 / 第二步

Currently Strategic Explorations Network only supports peering via email.

Please send the following information to or the email of the current maintainer of SENET (listed on the homepage).

Your ASN.
Public IP address and DN42 address of the server you used to peer.
Information about the connection method you wish (currently only WireGuard is supported): such as public key, port number.
If you also need to establish an IPv6 tunnel, you also need to give a link-local address.

目前 Strategic Explorations Network 仅支持通过邮件方式进行 Peering。

请发送以下内容到 或 SENET 当前维护者的邮箱(列在首页)。

您需要与本机构 Peer 的节点公网 IP 地址和 DN42 地址
您希望的连接方式(目前只支持 WireGuard)的相关信息:例如公钥,端口
如果您还需要建立 IPv6 隧道,还需要您给出一个 link-local 地址

Step 3 / 第三步

We will then reply the configuration information on our side to you. After the configuration is complete, you can go to our Looking Glass to check the BGP status. We also provide DN42 Network Information for both clearnet and DN42.

随后本机构会回复我们这一侧的配置信息,在配置完成后可以到我们的 Looking Glass 上查看BGP状况。同时本机构也提供了 DN42 和公网的 DN42 网络信息 的查询。

Optional / 额外操作

We support Multiprotocol BGP session.

We support Extended Next Hop feature.

We support the interconnection of other networks through DN42.

We support the interconnection of DN42 through other networks.

我们支持 Multiprotocol BGP 会话。

我们支持 Extended Next Hop 特性。

我们支持通过 DN42 进行其他网络的互联。

我们支持通过其他网络进行 DN42 的互联。

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