Peering Policy / 对等互联政策

Our peering policy / 我们的对等政策

Service Range / 服务范围

  • Any IXP that Strategic Explorations has access to. For traffic levels > 20Mbps, we require that a BGP session be established directly with us.

  • Any PoP within the Strategic Explorations backbone. It needs to be connected through a tunnel. We support GRE, Wireguard.

  • 任何 Strategic Explorations 已经接入的 IXP。对于 > 20Mbps 的流量级别,我们要求在 IXP 内直接建立 BGP 会话。

  • 任何 Strategic Explorations 骨干网内的 PoP。需要通过隧道连接,我们支持 GRE, Wireguard。

Cost / 价格

AS207268 adopts neutral peering policy and pricing strategy

AS207268 采取中立的对等政策与定价策略

Prefix / 前缀

AS207268 will announce all prefixes in including but not limited to AS-SET:AS-STREXP.

AS207268 将会宣告 AS-SET AS-STREXP 中的全部前缀,它们包括但不限于:

  • 2406:9dc0:10::/44

  • 2a0d:2683::/32

  • 2a0c:b641:7a0::/44

  • 2602:feda:3c8::/46

Filtering / 过滤

  • Incoming routes need to follow the filtering rules of IRR

  • Peers cannot announce private address spaces (RFC1918, RFC4193) other than DN42

  • The peer shall not announce a private ASN other than DN42

  • Peers must not configure a static/default route to our router

  • 传入路由需要遵循 IRR 的过滤规则

  • 对等方不得宣告除 DN42 外的私有地址空间(RFC1918,RFC4193)

  • 对等方不得宣告除 DN42 外的私有ASN

  • 对等方不得配置到我们路由器的静态/默认路由


There is no clear SLA guarantee. Strategic Explorations provides best-effort services.

没有明确的 SLA 保证。 Strategic Explorations 提供 best-effort 服务。

Maintenance Requirements / 服务维持要求

  • Peers must comply with the relevant laws of the country where the PoP or IXP node is located.

  • For asymmetric traffic, you need to negotiate with us and agree on a quota or ratio.

  • For peers that frequently update routes or announce too many invalid routes, we will suspend the BGP session.

  • 对等方需遵守 PoP 节点所在国的相关法律。

  • 对于非对称的流量,需要与我们协商并约定限额或比例。

  • 对于频繁更新路由或宣告过多无效路由的对等方,我们将暂停 BGP 会话。

联系人 / Contact

The peer must have a 24x7 NOC to contact.

对等方必须拥有 24x7 可供联系的 NOC。

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