Whois Service / Whois 服务

Our Whois service in DN42 / 我们在 DN42 中的 Whois 服务

Service / 服务

Almost all of our backbone nodes are running Whois service, these nodes are running the standard whois42d program.

The data of all nodes comes from the distributed DN42 Registry which is refreshed locally at regular intervals, and its refresh time is every 30 minutes.

我们几乎所有的骨干节点均运行有 Whois 服务,这些节点均运行标准的 whois42d 程序。

所有节点的数据均来自于本地定时刷新的分布式 DN42 Registry,它的刷新时间是每 30 分钟一次。

Anycast Address / 任播地址

DNS: whois.nia.dn42 IPv6: fd00:1926:817:43::1

We only provide formal services to the DN42 network, but it will not limit the active inquiry of other networks, nor can we guarantee accessibility beyond the above addresses.

我们仅向 DN42 网络提供正式服务,但不会限制其他网络的主动查询,也无法保证除上述地址外的可访问性。

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