NAT64 for DN42

Info / 信息

We provide Anycast NAT64 service for DN42 users to access more conveniently from outside, we call it NAT42.
我们为了DN42用户在外部更加方便的访问,提供了Anycast NAT64服务,我们将其称为NAT42。

Anycast Prefix / 任播前缀


Endpoint IP / 终结点 IP / 2a0e:b107:b7f:0:1:: : SEA / 2a0e:b107:b7f:0:2:: : SGP


In order to solve the problem of insufficient address pool, we use NAT44 to support the access of a large number of clients. The prefix used are:
为解决地址池不足的问题,我们使用了NAT44以支撑大量客户端的访问,使用的前缀是: (SEA) (SGP)

Policy / 政策

    It is not allowed to use Internet domain names to provide services that violate the laws and regulations of any country or region where the endpoint is located.
    It is not allowed to use NAT64 for long-term large-volume data transmission.
    There is no SLA policy for this service.
Last modified 1yr ago