NAT64 for DN42

Info / 信息

We provide Anycast NAT64 service for DN42 users to access more conveniently from outside, we call it NAT42.

我们为了DN42用户在外部更加方便的访问,提供了Anycast NAT64服务,我们将其称为NAT42。

Anycast Prefix / 任播前缀

  • 2a0e:b107:b7f::<IPv4>

Endpoint IP / 终结点 IP

  • / 2a0e:b107:b7f:0:1:: : SEA

  • / 2a0e:b107:b7f:0:2:: : SGP


In order to solve the problem of insufficient address pool, we use NAT44 to support the access of a large number of clients. The prefix used are:


  • (SEA)

  • (SGP)

Policy / 政策

  • It is not allowed to use Internet domain names to provide services that violate the laws and regulations of any country or region where the endpoint is located.

  • It is not allowed to use NAT64 for long-term large-volume data transmission.

  • There is no SLA policy for this service.

  • 不允许以Internet域名提供违反任一终结点所在国家或地区的法律法规的服务。

  • 不允许使用NAT64进行长期大流量数据传输。

  • 本服务无SLA政策。

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